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Last week, we released to the public Holly Logan's choreographer's intent for the piece, ODD Behaviors. This week, we are pleased to be doing the same for Holly Logan's HUMAN, which premiered earlier this year in March at Velocity Dance Center. As Holly expressed in her post last week outlining what moved her to provide these choreographer intents to the public--we by no means believe that everyone needs to or should feel obligated to read them. We simply want to provide a safe landing spot for those who feel tentative about how to digest the sometimes intimidating experience that is modern dance. 

That being said--we hope you enjoy!

Samantha Weissbach

Executive Director, Intrepidus Dance


Choreographer's Intent

Human is a piece that was inspired by the pioneers of modern dance. Modern dance began as rebellion of sorts to the romanticism of ballet. During this era, ballet dancers would portray fairies, princesses, and swans, but there were dance artists who desired to dance as humans. These pioneers fought to create works that challenged our views and outlook on the human condition. The pieces they produced caused riots in the streets because viewers were not used to seeing such raw emotion. That passion and desire to bring forth true emotion is what inspired this piece.

HUMAN opens with breath, the idea of exploration, and beginnings, with each dancer as an individual. It guides the viewer to our duet between Madeline and Jessica. This duet is the introduction to relationships, introducing the idea of care and protection. The next section, where dancers walk through and past each other, represents how we move through life often forgetting to reach out and make those true connections. In this section, Ciara and CarliAnn perform the same duet from the beginning ­this time separated, representing that disconnect. The next section of the piece (what we lovingly call "The Hand Section") is actually where I started choreographing the piece. In my head, I saw people reaching out to each other, the touch, and how sensitive touch is. This is the section that examines that first relationship where we understand what love is. Whether that is with our parents or siblings, a friend or a partner, we all have that moment where it all makes sense. I must say this is my favorite section. 

From here we move to our very short lived "Joy Section", where the dancers run and dance freely, celebrating that love and that connection. After this, I wanted to move into something that showed that while we may love someone, it does not guarantee smooth sailing, or that we should keep that person in our life. This is why there are two sections about those rough areas and the choices between when to let go and when it makes sense to hold on. I wanted to use friction and embraces to illustrate these ideas. The second to last section uses the same separated duet from the beginning to bring forth the idea that the relationships in our life take work. It is hard, sometimes ugly, and exhausting to genuinely love someone. 

I wanted to end with a duet to bring us back to the simplicity of where we started. I wanted to create something that displayed how much we need each other, that in our barest human condition, we are at our best when we can share in our happiness, joy, anger, and sadness with at least one other person in our lives. For me it is about the vulnerability it takes to be human in our emotions and everyday encounters.

Ciara McCormack joins the Intrepidus staff as Head of Development!

As the red Tesla S 70D that is Intrepidus continues to race down the proverbial autobahn of growth, simultaneously our need for strategic funding increases. That being said, we are pleased to announce that the brilliant Ciara McCormack has officially joined the Intrepidus Dance staff as our Head of Development! Ciara will be working on overseeing & driving our fundraising efforts, engaging & expanding our current audience, and managing the ongoing development of our marketing strategy. Needless to say, we are beyond excited to have Ciara filling this integral role & are delighted to be hitting the road with a few more companions aboard.



Executive Director, Intrepidus Dance


Photograph courtesy of  S. Weissbach Photography .

Photograph courtesy of S. Weissbach Photography.

What interested you in stepping into a Head of Development role with Intrepidus?

The starting place is that Intrepidus is a little powerhouse of a company. I’m blown away by what Holly has accomplished in the last twelve months, how far we’ve come as a company since October, and the plans we have for what’s to come in the future.

A lot of small arts organizations and nonprofits struggle in their approach to fundraising, and I’m passionate about making sure we have a plan in place to support Intrepidus financially as we grow and create art in the years to come.

Photo courtesy of  Alessandra Arendt Photography .

What's the best movie you've seen this year?

I’m the worst movie-goer of all time, so I really haven’t seen anything new in the last few months. However, I did recently re-watch the Princess Bride, and that’s pretty stiff competition for anything that comes along.

What was the last book you read?

I’m currently reading the Tin Drum by Gunter Grass, when I can find the time.

Would you rather have the power to be invisible or to read minds?

That’s a hard one! With either power, there is the potential that you might be privy to things you don’t want to know. And both have their time and place. I think being able to read minds would come in handy more often than invisibility.

What was the last picture you took with your phone?

I took a picture of Seattle from the plane window at 2:45am on my way back from a short vacation. It’s pretty amazing to see the skyscrapers of downtown, I-5, and the Space Needle a lit up in miniature.

What is your favorite cocktail?

I order vodka cranberries if I’m on the spot, but I usually prefer something new and adventurous from each restaurant’s signature cocktails.

What instantly cheers you up?

When things get really bad, I have a happy playlist that I made in high school. It could probably use an update to bring it into the 2010s, but it does its job.

Which do you use more often, a dictionary or a thesaurus?

Thesaurus! Most of the time when I use a dictionary, it’s to find synonyms.

Photo courtesy of  Alessandra Arendt Photography .

Photo courtesy of Alessandra Arendt Photography.

What is the most memorable dance class you have taken & why?

In college, we had a workshop with a couple of dancers in Ailey II. One thing from that class stuck out. When the movement is fast, we as dancers often try to speed things up by cutting corners and skipping some of the counts. But the thing to remember is that all of the subdivisions of the beats are still there. There are still quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes even at high speeds. The time is still there, the counts are still there, and you can still travel through space and time as fully as you would if it were slower.

Tell us a little bit about your personal goals as Head of Development:

My goal for Intrepidus in the next few months is to create the foundation of our fundraising platform. That is to say, I want to outline a plan of action for us to pursue multiple avenues of funding, from grants to individual and corporate donations, from fundraising events to ticket sales.

Personally, my plan is to do as much research and information gathering as possible about what this role can really do. I have bits and pieces of experience fundraising, grant writing, and recruiting donors from a number of odd jobs in the past, and I’m looking forward to synthesizing all of those little tidbits into something more complete.

Photo courtesy of  Alessandra Arendt Photography .

Photo courtesy of Alessandra Arendt Photography.