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Dénouement (Bellingham)

  • FireHouse Performing Arts Center 1314 Harris Ave. Bellingham, WA United States (map)

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Show Dates:

  • Friday, 8/30 at 7:30pm

  • Saturday, 8/31 at 7:30pm

Merriam Webster defines dénouement as: “the final outcome of a complex sequence of events.” Intrepidus’ fifth season was navigated amidst a season of grief and healing for both Artistic Director Holly Logan Livingston and Executive Director Samantha Weissbach Williams. The narratives that have resulted investigate the celebration and heartache of welcoming new life, as well as examine how humanity quantifies the quality of a life already lived. Through Dénouement, Livingston and Weissbach Williams share experiences that have altered the very makeup of their DNA, in the hopes they can provide a space of comfort, empathy, and inspiration for all people laying the course of this tumultuous sea of life.

Dénouement will feature one new work  by Artistic Director Holly Logan Livingston (Becoming), as well as one new work by Executive Director Samantha Weissbach Williams (Love & Risk).

In Becoming, Logan Livingston explores the journey of a woman into motherhood. Inspired by her journey as a new mom, she delves into the sometimes difficult reality of how a woman must transform in order to become a mother. Divided into three sections, Becoming addresses the evolution of self, postpartum depression, and acceptance and self-love. Using inspiration from her own life and the lives of mothers around her, Logan Livingston is thankful to show this new work highlighting this moment in her life.

In Love & Risk, Weissbach Williams shares a deeply personal and vulnerable narrative on the meaning of life. In the last 10 years, she has experienced multiple passings of close family members which has driven her to repeatedly examine and reflect on the impact she wants to leave upon humanity when her time comes to a close. Love & Risk speaks to a simple desire to live a life that “fights the suffering while seeing the gift” and embodies that “love is the yes to it all.”