Intrepidus is thankful for the ongoing support of the below donors & organizations. Without all of you, we would not exist in the capacity we do now-thank you!


Season V Donors

Senior Soloist - $500 or more

Anonymous Donor, Anonymous Donor

Coryphée - $100 or more

Laura Hinojosa, Nicholas Smith, Jay Arcarese, Edward Smith, Anonymous Donor, Anonymous Donor

Corps de Ballet - $50 or more

Tim Tapping, Maren Hassenger, Diana Kempf

Apprentice - $25 or more

Tricia Cunningham, Karen Cacciatore, Rochelle Rapaszky, Lindsay Johns, Robbin Lang, Gavin Greenwalt, Anonymous Donor, Anonymous Donor, Anonymous Donor

Season IV Donors

Alexandria Weissbach, Case van Rij, Diana Kempf, Edward Smith, Estelle Kutz, Gavin Greenwalt, James Howe, Jay Arcarese, Maren Hassenger, Nicholas Smith, Robbin Lang, Rochelle Rapaszky, Tess Wendel, Tim Tapping, Tricia Cunningham, Anonymous